This page aims to clarify the details of the democratic process that has been employed throughout the time spent in Wheeler Commons.

Democratic decisions are made at General Assembly meetings and led by designated facilitator(s). The following is the procedure in which all agenda items will proceed:

1) Proposals: at this time, anyone may come forward with a proposal.

2) Clarifying Questions

3) Comments: please respect the stack. For a definition of stack, see below.

4) Amendments: anyone who would like to make a friendly amendment to the proposal, can come forward now.

5) Vote


Temperature check = a way of gauging the support for a particular idea

  • Possible responses to a temperature check:
    • twinkle hands up = I think it’s a good idea
    • twinkle hands straight out = I feel neutral about this
    • twinkle hands down = I absolutely disagree

Stack = the order in which people can speak.

  • To get on stack, raise your hand when stack is called.
  • People will be called on to speak in which they raised their hands.
  • When stack is closed, only the people already on stack can speak.

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