Letter of Solidarity from Open UC Davis to Open UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz Occupation

Passed by the Third General Assembly at 1PM on November 26th 2014

Comrades from across California, this Tuesday, November 24th, we unanimously voted to stand in solidarity with your movements. To join in brother and sisterhood against the cruel oppression of a nonrepresentative, tyrannical Board of Regents. We continue our fight today, and although we will be going home on Thanksgiving, we will be back. We will be back with renewed vigor. We will be back with a timeline of action. We will be back and we will never leave so long as those who are forced to stoop their backs in labor during the day, only to stoop their necks in study during the night are not able to defend themselves against tuition hikes. We will occupy until those who were promised an affordable education will not need to drop out of school before graduating, with nothing to show but unsurmountable debt and a heavy heart. We will occupy until democracy is restored, until we choose who makes the decisions that affects us, until we are respected enough not to be used as pawns in a political gambit.

Berkeley and Santa Cruz. Thank you for leading the way. We respect you immensely, and will always be here in legal, emotional, and action based support. Keep fighting the good fight. We’ll be beside you doing the same until justice is restored.


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