Press Release regarding Big Game

Berkeley, Calif. November 22, 2014 –

UC Berkeley students opposed to the recent fee increases and continued state disinvestment in public education will demonstrate at today’s Cal vs. Stanford football game.

The students are protesting against the recent vote by the UC Board of Regents to increase fees nearly 28% over 5 years, approved Thursday at the Regents’ meeting. Immediately following the announcement, students from across the UC system joined together to vocalize their discontent with the fee hike, as well as to demand state reinvestment in public education.

Students at UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, UCLA, UC Merced and UC Berkeley have taken action against the fee hikes at the Regents meeting on Nov. 19. Students at Santa Cruz and Berkeley then staged peaceful sit-ins in university buildings, and UC Davis students staged a sleep-in on the campus grounds.

UC Berkeley students will continue their protest on Saturday’s Big Game. Among other planned actions, Open UC supporters will wear green ribbons, calling attention to the increased financial burden placed on students by the state and UC regents. The aim is not to disrupt the game or the proceedings around it, but to spread awareness of the Regents’ vote and its effect on students.

In a press release from November 21, students protesting the fee increases stated, “We stand for the Open University: affordable, accessible, public  education. Accordingly, we intend for our demonstration of solidarity to  elicit a sincere dialogue between the members of the UC Community,  Regents, and the state.” Open UC will hold a general assembly at Wheeler Hall at 5 p.m. following the game.

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